CoDriver Quick Start Guide

CoDriver system comprises of two parts:
• an Administration Portal that is used by administrators and dispatchers to manage jobs, drivers and customers
• a mobile app that is used by drivers to view run sheets and complete delivery jobs

It's easy to get your business up and running quickly with CoDriver. Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Signup

Go to and signup by providing basic details about your company.

2. Create delivery driver

After you signup its time to create your first delivery driver. In Administration Portal go to 'Drivers' tab and click 'Add Driver'. You will need to provide basic details such as name, phone and email as well as a username and password that will be used by driver to login into mobile app.

3. Download the mobile app

On your phone go to app store, search for "CoDriver Courier Management" and download the app top your phone. You can also use the direct links below:

Download on the App Store Download on Google Play

Each of your drivers will need to install CoDriver mobile application on their iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet. The app works on over 5,400 devices so most modern devices can be used! The driver will be able to use the app as a primary source for managing their daily run sheet, pickups and deliveries as well as keeping the management team up-to-date on details of their progress.

4. Open and login into mobile app

Once downloaded, open the app and login using the username and password you created for the driver. Make sure to allow Push Notifications and Location tracking for the app.

5. Create customer

In Administration Portal go to 'Customers' tab and click 'Add Customer'. Enter customer details such as company name and address. Depending on the type of company you operate the customer may be a business or an individual. Make sure to enter their address correctly and check the location on the map. You can also finetune the location by dragging the pin marker on the map.

6. Create job

You are able to create two types of jobs:
• Simple job - allows you to quickly create a simple delivery job by providing minimal details
• Advanced job - allows you to create a job containing multiple packages that can be picked up from multiple locations and/or delivered to multiple locations. Advanced job also allows more settings that are not available in simple job.

For the sake of quick start guide we will setup a Simple job. In Administration Portal go to 'Jobs' tab and click 'Add Simple Job'. Enter job title and description, optionally provide date for the job and enter pickup and delivery addresses. Start typing pickup address and pick the correct address from auto-suggestion list. Similarly for the delivery location start typing in the address or name of the customer. Provide a name for the package that is to be delivered and select a driver that will do the delivery.

Once the job is submitted, the notification on drivers phone will pop up alerting them of new job.

7. Complete job

Now that the job is assigned to driver he can complete the job. In the CoDriver app he will be able to view all job details, view pickup and delivery locations on the map, get driving directions to the location and set any location as his next destination as well as perform pickup and delivery.

Firstly he will view job details and accept the job by clicking 'Accept' button. Then he can choose the location he will go to first (e.g. first pickup location) and click 'set as next destination', this will allow the system to calculate how long it will take for the driver to arrive there and provide this information in Administration portal (e.g. driver is 15 minutes away from pickup location). When driver arrives and does pickup he will choose 'Pickup' from menu in the app and complete details such as if he was or was not able to pickup the item and take photographs, signatures and notes as proof of pickup. He will then repeat the same process for the delivery. All the while the driver updates the job this information will be visible in Administration portal in real time.

8. Track job progress in Administration Portal

There are a number of ways you can see updates on your jobs, drivers and overall statistics:

Dashboard - will give you a general overview of all your jobs, drivers and statistics.

Jobs tab - will provide details on all of your jobs. You will be able to quickly see the progress of each job visually as there will be a progress bar indicating job completion and current status for the job. You will also see an estimated time of how far the driver is from the destination. You will be able to click into the job to get detailed information on associated packages; view photographs, signatures and notes collected by the driver; and be able to generate the detailed job progress document for the customer.

Fleet Location tab - will allow you to view up-to-date current location of all drivers as well as track their movements throughout the day. You can even see their complete movements for each day for up to 21 days in the past.

9. Need more help?

We are always here to help you and you get free, unlimited support. If you have any questions or need any help please fill out the form on Support page or email us and we will get back to you within 24 hours (or quicker in most cases).