• CoDriver makes delivery process
    simple, transparent and more effective
    for you and your clients

  • CoDriver allows easy job dispatching
    and status updates in real-time

  • CoDriver allows fleet management and
    delivery tracking online in real-time

CoDriver is a professional courier management software for transportation and delivery industry

Why CoDriver?

As drivers perform pickups and deliveries they are able to capture signatures, photographs and notes as Proof Of Pickup (POP) and Proof Of Delivery (POD). This information is visible in real-time through online portal.
Drivers can interact with live bookings data in real-time, accepting job allocations and proceeding through to delivery while the system is updated every step of the way, keeping managers informed and updated.
Know where your fleet is at all times. This will help to improve your operational efficiency.


CoDriver is the ultimate tool for real-time tracking and management of your fleet, drivers, jobs and packages.

Easy to use

Delivery management used to be tedious, CoDriver makes it easy! Create jobs in minutes and have full overview of all jobs at your fingertips.

Low-cost pricing

Plans start at $4 per driver per month.
With unlimited FREE clients, jobs and deliveries this is the cheapest product on the market.

Helps with Compliance

Proof of
Pickup and Delivery

Drivers are able to captures photographs, signatures and notes upon each pickup and delivery straight through the mobile application. No more paperwork and the best thing is it's available in real-time to be viewed by managers and customers through web portal!

job tracking

Our system provides complete data collection feature set, gathering status updates, GPS coordinates and timestamps at each point of pickup and delivery.

Shipment tracking reports

you get insights and control supporting your parcel delivery, fleet management and vehicle tracking processes.

Full traceability

You have detailed access to all driver movements throughout the day such as their location, speed and direction. This is available at your fingertips and you can even check the history for up to 21 days in the past.

CoDriver's Main Features

Focus on your core business

  • Reduce IT costs associated with the business - no servers, no hardware issues, no software installations, no system administrators. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.
  • 100% secure data transfer and storage
  • Fully flexible - grows with your business
  • Disaster recovery - data is backed up and stored on multiple instances so you never loose any data
  • Environmentally friendly - there is no more paper to be wasted! No more daily run sheets.

Feature Rich and easy to use

  • Manage your Drivers, Customers and Jobs with ease
  • Dispatch Management / Job Assignment Management
  • Track job progress in real-time
  • Know where your fleet is at all times - GPS Integration
  • GPS location capture on each pickup and delivery
  • Create complex jobs - with multiple pickup and/or delivery addresses

Extensive mobile device support for iOS and Android

  • Eliminate the need to visit the office to receive and return paperwork (the app servers as a daily run sheet and contains up-to-date information)
  • Map view of all pickup and delivery locations with ability to get driving directions
  • List view of all jobs
  • List view of all pickup and delivery locations
  • Ability to perform pickup and delivery for multiple packages at once
  • Ability to capture textual notes, photographs and signatures during pickup and delivery
  • Receive push notifications in real-time when new jobs are assigned
  • Update job status and progress in real-time

provide transparency and visibility

  • Let your customers see job progress in real-time
  • Allow customers to view POP and POD
  • Allow customers to download job sheet
  • Minimase distractions (as customers are able to see progress in real-time there is no need to call and/or email the office to get job updates)

Ultimate Tool For Drivers

CoDriver mobile application is an ultimate tool for courier drivers to manage their daily activities

  • Delivery run sheet

    The app serves as a delivery run sheet, allowing drivers to see all their jobs and locations they need to visit as a list and on a map.

  • Driving Directions

    Drivers are able to get driving directions to each location that take into account traffic conditions and other factors.

  • Up-to-date job info

    Job details are always up-to-date and provide real-time job info. There is no more need to worry that job details are incorrect.

  • Proof Of Delivery

    As drivers pickup and deliver goods they are able to take textual notes, capture photographs and client signatures.

  • Push Notifications

    As new jobs get assigned to drivers they will receive notifications on their phone in real-time.

  • Progress Updates

    As drivers progress through the jobs the information is automatically visible in the online portal to management.

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Unlimited Customers

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